Treadmill Lubricant

When you buy a new treadmill, the first port of call should be to invest in some treadmill lubricant. Most consumers do not realise how important treadmill lubrication is and how it helps to ensure good maintenance of your fitness equipment.

Its like putting oil in your car engine, if your engine runs with no oil it will seize, If you’re running deck becomes dry your running belt will start to stick and overheat.

By using Decklube treadmill lubricant you can help to slow down the day to day wear on your treadmill and keep it in good working order.

Friction causes the belt to wear down and as it gets older it will eventually become brittle and break, rendering your treadmill useless. By using Decklube treadmill lubricant you can help to lengthen the life of your treadmill.

Lubricant or Wax?

Decklube Tube

Some treadmills on the market don’t require silicon belt lubricant, and arrive pre-waxed. When you buy your treadmill be sure to read the documentation that comes with your equipment.

The belt on any treadmill is the single most critical part of the machine and care and attention should be taken, especially if you are a regular user. You can buy our Decklube treadmill lubricant, online on our web site.