What is Decklube Treadmill Lubricant?

Decklube is 100% pure silicon oil and is the best, proven treadmill lubricant available.

We have developed Decklube over the last few years, trying it on most models of treadmills. We've found it to be the best solution for your running deck. We are proud that Decklube is now being used in the field by independent engineers who find it the best lubricant available today.

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Decklube helps to keep your treadmill motor in peak conditioning by reducing the load and draw. It helps to prolong the life of your equipment. Regular applications keep your equipment in good condition.

If your treadmill deck becomes dry the friction created whilst using your machine can seriously damage your running belt. This can make your running belt fold resulting in the purchase of a new running belt or deck which can be very expensive.